Odd jobs :)

During my past couple of years I’ve dealt with a fair number of jobs at PC Clinic, but some of them had quite the funny description! Rather hard to forget.

I remember getting into my office and open the job queue to see one description mentioning “User has problems with mother”. Well obviously the full word would’ve been “motherboard” but instead it was left there, at mother. In this context one could assume the user has parents issues but given that they called for us, probably not!

One note described that malware had been installed on the laptop. No, we didn’t mean any harm, just someone forgot to mention the full name of the program “Malwarebytes”, pretty much leaving the bytes out which makes it sound rather harmful. Hey mate, I see you got PC issues, let me install malware for you and fix it!


Then there are the generalised ones, “User has laptop/pc issues”. Well, why else would they come to PC Clinic if the laptop was working perfectly fine, right? I suppose filling in jobs can be quite tedious and it’s easier to just generalise it! 🙂

The latest one however is “Internet gone from laptop”, now that is just hilarious! (Internet Explorer). Windows installation got corrupted and caused Internet Explorer not to open anymore, amongst other things.

Then we got the more common one “Install Microsoft” on laptop. (Microsoft Office)

Or there was one when we were told “Windows is unresponsive”, turned out the laptop wouldn’t power up at all, and upon looking into it, the most probable cause would’ve been some fault within the motherboard which we cannot fix here (no tools). But definitely not something Windows related!

I am loving them, makes my job little less boring and a bit more fun! 🙂

(although more ambiguous too)




Rant on drivers

I’m incredibly frustrated by my laptop’s drivers(Lenovo Ideapad Z500). Incredibly bugged, and not just in Windows 10(Lenovo doesn’t provide Windows 10 support for this precise model), had issues with them previously too. What happened on Windows 8 was that when updating my intel video driver my brightness would sit at lowest setting once trying to lower it- so I’ve had to go back to a previous version.

I was happy with that! Everything worked fine with the older driver, however after installing Windows 10 another problem emerged: if I keep the old version I cannot use my dedicated GPU and if I update it the annoying brightness issue reappears (you cannot imagine how annoying it is to be unable to change the brightness!). I’ve been seeing updates on the driver itself, probably 2 or 3 since I’ve noticed the issue the first time however it is still there and still very annoying.

I’ve learnt to work around it – choose a middle brightness setting then update the driver and never touch brightness settings again! It only triggers from function key though, changing Windows settings gets no response from it whatsoever. It’s not the ideal option, but still better than the alternative, which would be having no dedicated card! 🙂