A rant about why you should never sign up with Plusnet

Most of my friends told me I shouldn’t switch to Plusnet, and I thought I should give them a chance. I mean, really, I thought I’d be saving money here.

It was all fine and dandy when I first switched, for like pretty much a week.

What happened after first week you might ask?

Well, I started getting random latency spikes,  paid no heed to them for almost another week (5 days to be precise). When I got home after 12th day of being with them, surprise, surprise, can’t connect to anything. And that went on for about 3 hours (for about 3 days in a row), it took 30 minutes to just load their “Contact us” page ! (And yes, I did check the cabling first) So I obviously called them, reported the fault, and the engineer on the phone seemed very helpful and friendly. Told me he can indeed see the drops, and that he’s going to submit a request to fix them. It should all be fine in a week or so he said, and I believed him.

A week later, surely, my internet didn’t drop for 3 hours at a time, or download speed below 2 Mb as it had the week before. Except that it did, every 5 minutes, like clockwork.

EVERY 5 MINUTES, 10-30 seconds drop. Imagine how annoying that can be! Especially if you’re using an application with no persistent connection! That pretty much amplified the drop to about 1-2 minutes. Think about how you’d feel to be able to do only 3 minutes work at a time. I obviously had to resort to something else, so I started using my mobile data to be able to use my internet connection the way I want to.  And that went on until I switched over a month later.

I kept reporting the fault (about 4 times), and every time the fault would be attributed to the line, bad SNR, too high of a threshold for bandwidth etc. After I submitted my request to switch they informed me I have to pay them £98 for breaching the contract (funny how these issues started happening on last days of my “14 day grace period”).

The reason I would have to pay this turns out to me not allowing them to do everything they could to fix it, I must call for an engineer first. So I requested an engineer. I was told I can’t request an engineer until they rule out hardware issues, so I requested a new router, I was told it was going to arrive next working day. It never did. I later noticed I could actually see the order for a router. It was ordered, then cancelled, then ordered again, and cancelled again.

Then I switched and my 5 minutes disconnects/latency spikes went away! Hooray! Except that I still had to pay the exit fee.

I was of course furious at having to pay an exit fee after being provided almost no service for almost TWO months, so I made a formal complaint. Someone contacted me and they reduced the fee to about £44, as long as I paid it before 17th of February.

On 16th of February I decided to pay it, and I spent almost 2 hours on the phone trying to talk to a customer service assistant. Not all at once. First time I called it said “wait times approaching 15 minutes”, waited 25 minutes and no answer, had to go, hung up. 2nd time I called it said “wait times approaching 15 minutes”, waited less than 5 minutes and hung up. 3rd time it said “wait times approaching 30 minutes”, took 1h for someone to pick up!

Ok, I paid, nothing to worry about, right?


WRONG! 2 weeks later I get a letter from a debt collection agency to collect my outstanding debt of £56.

Good job Plusnet, I definitely hope none of my friends make the same mistake I did.