On 5th of June 2016 local elections were held in Romania, for mayor, local council and county council. My brother was one of the candidates in my area, and as a result I had a chance to go campaigning with him, for a couple of days. He didn’t win, but now can represent himself and others as a counsellor, and have their voices heard.

I’ve always known this area is in a bad state, I just never knew how bad it was: entire streets with no electricity, old women entirely helpless in times of need, roads missing or patched so many times it makes no difference to having none, schools being closed as nobody wishes to send their kids to them anymore, they’d rather send them to the schools in the city. The worse part is that it’s right next to the main city of this county! I suppose it makes sense since the city centre is still in “repairs” which were due last November.

But this is just one area, the problems are definitely not just here. The elected mayor for Rm. Vâlcea had been in jail for corruption (over 45% voted for him), and mayors elected in jail or sent to jail for the same reasons (winning up to 70% of the votes), and these are just a few examples.

If people really wanted change why would they vote for someone well aware of what they are capable of? It’s like a loving wife not leaving her husband although he keeps being unfaithful!